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Just got Waldo the rescue last night, poor guy had hampster accessories and a rabbit hide he couldn’t fit in, in the tank ? And he’s 7 years old was in a f****** 20 gallon, oh and did i mention all she ever fed him was that pellet crap and never even soaked it just gave it to him dry !! Wtf No calcium nothing..he’s so small for 7 and probably had MBD ): but we’ll take good care of him here ! :)
So I'm looking for advice on how to make my long distance move easier on Mango. I will be driving for approx 20 hours, and will be doing the drive in one shot. (I'm also transporting a dog and cat). Any suggestions on how minimize the stress on her would be appreciated! Thank you!!
My 6 inch bearded jumps aggressively T me and tries to bite me. Suggestions?
I would recommend starting to hand feed them so they start to associate you with good things. I also spend a lot of time with my dragons tank open and talking to him so he can get used to me being around.
I love bearded dragons! I have had mine for three years now. I also love helping new or current beardie owners!! Ask me any question you want!!

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