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Can anyone help, we got flash 2 days ago from a friend, he’s 3 years old, on Tuesday he was great loved being handled, eating well, no hates being handled, won’t eat a thing, lying flat in viv and beard turned dark
Hi! I am still currently looking for a home for my dragon and unfortunately, I am running out of time. Not only am I am moving out soon and cannot take him with me, but I have also been finding myself with less and less time to properly care for him. If anyone is in need of a 3, almost 4, year-old beardie please contact me! I can even send cage decor and other supplies I have!
Are you selling him or giving him up? I saw you on a different post and he looks like such a sweetie. I'm not sure if I could have him but I have some questions. How does he behave? Does he like to be held? Does he puff up a lot? And any other general info you could give me is great!
Quick question I am brand new. Is this where I am supposed to post for answers? Sorry if this is kinda stupid.
baby is shedding! Can't wait for him to be done so we can hang out and he's not so sleepy! sounds selfish... but i love him haha.

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