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Looking for a forever home for my 8 month old Bearded Dragon rescue. Not sure how this forum works. But I'm going to give it a shot. I rehabilitated him for a few months, got him treated at the vet and now he is a happy and healthy boy. If anyone is interested, please let me know. xx
Is he still available?
I Love My Dragon. His/Her name is PUFF. I don't know its gender, yet, so I'm hoping it's a boy. Middle name is Drogo from G.O.T.... He is just the coolest pet I've ever owned. Besides horses.
Sadie a Reptisun 5.0 T5 produces little to NO UVB. You need the Reptisun 10.0 T5. Please stop giving wrong info gogole which one gives more uvb the 5.0 does nothing except cause MBD cuz it barely produces anything.
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have seen too many dragons hiding from a fixture in the tank cuz its too long and they have no where to go but into a hide -- theyre gonna get just as much UVB from a 24" fixture as one that is 70 % of the tank -- it doesnt change the output --
. We rescue and rehome it’s 70 percent of the tank starting at the hot side. U are NUTS to tell people the 5.0 that’s incorrect. U are not buying the Reptisun brand then; google it Reptisun 5.0 or 10.0. It’s 10.0 T5 for the best uvb and brightness; the 5.0 emits nothing! U will destroy a dragon with MBD vey quickly w/a 5.0. Google and ask a vet.
I don’t understand this? I use Arcadia desert 10% t8 25W 30inch strip in a 36inch viv... is this a problem @Sadie? Can they be exposed to too much uvb
Still looking for home for 2 bearded dragons, female and male. Princess is about 2 years old and the boy is a little older but I am not sure. They are both healthy and very friendly. My son moved out out of state and left them behind, I am moving and need to find a new home for them. I live in Chicago, please let me know if you are interested.
Do you have pics? Do they eat veggies and greens?