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baby is shedding! Can't wait for him to be done so we can hang out and he's not so sleepy! sounds selfish... but i love him haha.
hey guys! doing great, a little worried if im gonna have my drangon laying egg, but otherwise im great! hope you all are being good bearded dragon parents and spending time with your little angels during quarantine, hope everythings great!
Unfortunately he does have tail rot. Yes he was shedding but it’s still there and because I thought it was just shedding I stopped soaking his tail and it got worse :( I’m gonna try to find I bet for him so I can take care of him ASAP
How to get 3 month dragon to eat veg?
Kylie C
Kylie C
To get my beardies to eat new food I trick them by showing them a super worm or food that they are really interested in. Then I quickly replace it with the new food while they are going in for the kill!
Brand new beardy Dad. Can't wait for my students to see him. (4th gr). He doesn't show signs of stress when my dog gets close to the tank...I don't think. He doesn't really do anything. IF it were stressful for him, what would be the signs that I would be seeing?
Kylie C
Kylie C
Puffed up, black beard and body, head bobbing, glass surfing, and scratching their face are signs that the beardie is stressed!
My breaded dragon is not eating and sleeping all the time should i be concern or is he hibernating
Kylie C
Kylie C
Not sure where you live, but for me it is summer, so if it’s a warm season for you too then I don’t think they should be hibernating. Make sure your tank temps are high enough!
Hi I am new to this site...Worried about Pablo my breaded dragon....I have had him for about a year and lately all he wants to do is sleep all the time ...not active.....and now he barely eats...Is he in .hibernation
So I have to soak my bearded dragons tail but he won’t let me pick him up. How do I get him so I can help his tail?
I have had my 1st dragon since March of last year. She has been a joy to me & my husband. Since then we have adopted 2 more. A male & a female. They all have their own dwelling. NO living together. They are very spoiled. Of course all our animals are spoiled. Dragons, dogs, chickens, we love our babies.
Since having my beardies my husband has taken a special liking to our latest girl. He calls her Queen Latifa.
Everything I have learned about bearded dragons has been from research & helpful comments from dragon owners. Also my local pet shop. They are healthy & happy. We grow organic food for them.
Looking to buy 2 baby Beardies.... I'm new at this. Any help would be appreciated.... Suggestions?
I am here today, but can't always sign on . When I do no one seems to answer my questions.
I have trouble getting Pogo my dragon to eat Dubia Roaches. What can I do? He loves Superworms and he eats his greens. I started a Dubia Roach colony because I was told they were better for him and Now I have more than I need because he won't eat them. Please help.
I have a 1 yr old bearded dragon named Pogo I have a hard time getting him to eat greens. I sometimes have a hard time getting him to eat Dubias. What do you suggest? Pogo likes to be hand fed which I don't mind but there are times when I would like to just put the food in a bowl. If he dosen't eat them the Dubias end up on my floor and the superworms end up turning into pupia stage.
Hello thank you so much for this, but I have a question before I set my terrarium up,I have the sheet moss so I would like to ask if you put the moss all over the aquarium or only on the spot where the light is?Thank you so much again
Crabs Mcjones
Moss holds moisture, which you don't want moisture in a beardie enclosure
How do I upload pics on here
Crabs Mcjones
Best way is to host them on a photo site such as imgur.com
I don't believe the site allows direct uploading from what I can tell.

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