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Two year old supposedly “not picky” eater is super picky! Concerned


Bearded Dragon Egg
Brought him to the vet on Monday, vet said he looks outwardly healthy (wasn’t able to collect poop sample yet). I’ve had him for a week. He’s eaten a couple hornworms and a couple superworms, zero interest in dubia or bsfl, and has not eaten a single fruit or veggie. I was told his favorite food is blueberries, but he’s only just licked a half blueberry a couple times but hasn’t yet eaten anything.

enclosure is 4x2x2, and heat and cool side are good. Vet told me to not handle him for two days but then I ended up feeding him a hornworm and a superworm last night and put him on the basking rock since he was on his hammock for 24 hours and didn’t move.

should I really try to not handle him for two days to see if he eats? Has that worked for anyone? I feel bad not taking him out or giving him a bath since he seems to enjoy both, but I want him to eat on his own!


Bearded Dragon Egg
Make sure your vet knows lizards. Often doctors give you A diagnosis but really have no clue.
I think it looks light in weight. The tail should be fuller at the size it is. Might be worms which is treatable. If you need A bowel movement place in the tub with water deep enough that it can touch bottom but also swim. The water should be upper 90's to low 100. After A little time of being left alone it will most likely take A dump. Put this in A bag and head to the vet. Often if they are constipated this helps get things rolling.
New homes can make for nervous non eating and A week is not A big concern. The weight could mean that the previous food diet was poor or erratic. Ours eat lots of greens. Many flowers are good for them and they will often get over their fears for A fat sweet Hibiscus flower. Frozen peas thawed out and mushed A bit is A good tempter as the peas our sweet to them. Make sure you check for the worms inside though. Oggd luck.


Bearded Dragon Egg
I gave him a bath before the vet and he pooped but I wasn’t able to collect enough for a good sample. He is actually quite a decent size, and the vet said it looks like he was fed well before I got him.
I live in Portland, Oregon, and the smoke has been so bad outside so I haven’t collected any clover or dandelion, but he gets a lot of variety of fruit veggies, and I just added some raw and boiled butternut squash.