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Soooooo...how many critters do you have?


Bearded Dragon Egg
Hi guys my family consists of 3 pitties, 3 cats, 5 green tree frogs,2 chuckwallas, 3 crested geckos, 3 bearded dragons(adults),18 beardy eggs(hopfully hatch this month),blood malaysian python, 5 loepard geckos, mali uromastyx, an iguana, 2 red foot tortoises, a 75 gallon tank with freshwater sharks and angelfish, and 2o gsllon live planted tank with smaller various fish.


Hatchling Dragon
I have a one Beardie, four cats, one dog and a pony, though I'm hoping to get a Crested Gecko or a Blue-tongue Skink in the future.

Crabs Mcjones

Juvenile Dragon
Beardie Club
I currently just have one critter. Thanos my beardie.
Before that I had many critters. Literally millions.
Let me explain
Before I got Thanos I had a saltwater coral reef tank. I had fish and coral and snails and shrimp ect...
On a coral, each poly is an individual animal. And one coral can have literally thousands of polyps.
So TECHNICALLY I had millions of critters ;)
Got out of the hobby to come back into reptiles after experiencing a die off event. Lost thousands of dollars worth of coral and just couldn't do it anymore.

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