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Solid red in eye


Bearded Dragon Egg
Hi all!
My 7 year old female beardie has a solid red thing on her eye that almost looks like an eyelid. I have no idea if this is normal or not. She also hasn’t been wanting to eat as much as she usually does and her walk has been a bit wobbly. Around 6 months ago she had a serious neurological infection that required antibiotics but she’s been fine up until now.

I have a new uvb light on the way since the 6 months are up. She has a basking light and a uv light as well. The basking side stays around the 100.

Her diet consists of mealworms, collard greens, carrots, very few blueberries, some strawberry, and sometimes squash if it’s available.

Here are some photos of her, her eye, and her enclosure. The UVB light is off in the last photo as it is on a timer.

Silver dragons

Juvenile Dragon
Hello, if it isn't affecting her then I wouldn't be too worried if it starts to affect her then I would get her to vet. Also mealworms aren't the best as the sole protein for bearded dragons, I would suggest also feeding dubia roaches, crickets or superworms.

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