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Bearded Dragon Veteran
Went to give Dex his afternoon salad and couldn't see him in his usual spots. Then I noticed that he'd found his little hidey cave. He looked so cute I had to get pics. lol


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Juvenile Dragon
Reminds me of what happens every time I give an animal a blanket.

I walk by the cage and have a mini heart attack when I don't see them, only to realize they're snuggled up under their blanket.


Bearded Dragon Veteran
Awee that is super cute. Kinda funny too. I got Zeus a cave thingy and he never goes in it :(
Awww . . . he might after a while. Dex didn't go into his at first, but then once he discovered it he hangs out there off and on. Saw him full bore chase a cricket into it once. Glad he slowed down before he hit the other side. hahahaha