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Introduction/some questions


Bearded Dragon Egg
Hi everyone! I've been wanting to join this forum for a few months but never fully went through with it. My name is Miranda and I have a male bearded dragon named Tito. I purchased Tito in January of this year and every so often I worry about him (most likely because he's my first bearded dragon and I overanalyze every little thing with him) I haven't taken him to the vet yet and I was wondering if I should even if there's nothing wrong with him - not sure which vets take bearded dragons, plus not sure how much $$ it'd be esp if it was just for a curious check up. Also, he sleeps A LOT...not sure if that's a sign of sickness or anything. He loves his collard greens and super worms which I feed him regularly. I work during the day and sometimes I come home and he's in his little tunnel sleeping, and some days if I don't wake him up he'd sleep through the night. I don't keep water in his enclosure but I always make sure to spray him down every day. Theres days where he's very active and there's days hell just wanna sleep. Also he's a very picky eater. I try giving him red peppers in his food and he won't eat them. He ate Dubia roaches the first time I bought them but every other time he won't even look at him. Also bought the Repashy Grub Pie and he wouldn't eat it. Any way of changing his eating habits?


Bearded Dragon Egg
I would reccomend giving him a bowl of salad and try out different fruits and veggies (as long as they're safe) and see which ones he likes. Your beardie may be a little lethargic. I would reccomend letting him swim in the bath (plastic tote), and make sure you are playing with him a little bit at least once a day to get him active. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!


Hatchling Dragon
I've read so many stories of people getting frustrated with their beardie not wanting to eat certain things, or seeming to go on a hunger strike waiting for their favorites. And their favorites do change. Greens and vegetables are fairly cheap, thankfully, but I sympathize with the frustrations. They will have a favorite for a while, and then it will change to something else. My worry has been trying to feed a variety, but some people solve that by gut loading the bugs with the foods they want them to eat, but you run the risk of having an overweight beardie. I wish you luck, hopefully it isn't parasites or something, but you'd likely notice an issue in the poo.

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