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Great Reptile Kits?

Scaled Designs

Bearded Dragon Egg
I have started a company devoted to making the BEST exotic pet enclosures and kits to give you more time to spend with your beloved pets. Each of our kits are thoroughly researched and specialized for your specific pet to make sure you don't have to go out and buy any extra supplies or sell any unnecessary ones. We plan to make our own acrylic tanks and many of our supplies right here in our workshop to ensure nice quality products at a much cheaper price than you could find elsewhere. Would you buy from this company? Do you think this is a good idea? Any advice or questions are welcome, you can find us on instagram @scaleddesigns. Thank you in advance!
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Silver dragons

Bearded Dragon Veteran
It sounds like an awesome idea especially building acrylic cages. If I were you I'd mainly focus on building different custom cages. Your best bet is to try to get into a reptile show that way you can be seen by lots of people. Also selling the kits on Ebay or Etsy is a good idea. Maybe try selling the acrylic cages flats so you can ship them and that people could easily make them at home.

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