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Enclosure help


Bearded Dragon Egg
I am thinking of turning my tv stand into an enclosure for a beardie. We are still contemplating getting one, but, I can’t think of a more unique enclosure that will be in full view for us, as we spend a lot of time in the living room. The dimensions are 48”Lx17”Wx27”H. Has anyone ever tried this? Here are some things I’m thinking about, and if you could, give me some pointers/so’s and donts/any helpful info.

1. I would drill a vent on both sides for air flow. Would the vent on the basking side cause the heat to fluctuate?
2. Slate backsplash for the walls and tile for the bottom
3. Lighting is where I’m kind of confused. For basking lights, are the domes the only way to go. I think it wouldn’t look good inside the enclosure and I don’t want the lighting on the top.
4. I would like to have a second level or sections of a second level but I’m not sure how to build that to make sure it can hold the weight.
Any ideas or helpful info?

Silver dragons

Juvenile Dragon
Hello if I were you I would build it like a PVC cage I would add strips has holes on the side for ventilation. I would not add a dome I would add just the inside piece, for the bottom I would add tile. As for the second level try getting wood, spray painting it and screwing it in somehow not sure how you would do that or you could make a 3D foam background.

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