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Black eye mystery

mahaffeys' exotic pets

Bearded Dragon Egg

So this year me and my mom decided to breed and it was a great year 39 egg laid and 35 hatched we bred a leatherback to a het hypo. We have one baby that I'm holding back that is a het hypo leatherback. But she has solid black eyes. As far as we know there is no translucent in the two we bred and she is the only one we have found from both clutches like this. Anyone have an idea as to what caused this?

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I know this is a REALLY old post, but in case you never got your answer, translucency can easily be a recessive (or het, as they call it in the reptile world). One of the parents you bread is simply het translucent. Do you have any pictures of the one you decided to keep? Would love to see it.

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