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Best feeders that are easy to breed?


Hatchling Dragon
I currently feed my beardie bsf and superworms but bsf are a pain to feed her with and are very hard to breed. I don't have much trouble with filling her up with superworms and they never impacted her and she never has had trouble digesting them either. I just wanted to know what you guys feed your beardies and if you ever had luck breeding them.

Sydney Loo

Hatchling Dragon
I feed my baby girl Dubia Roaches, they're easy to breed and aren't a pain to take care of, all I do with them is clean their bin monthly when I clean my beardie's. She loves them and goes for them the second I put them in her tank. I recommend buying a starter colony with about 40 females and 20 males, or more with about the same ratio, DO NOT get more males than females though, they will actually eat the other males' nymphs. make sure there are many juveniles and nymphs in the starter colony as well, so that your colony can grow, they are easy to breed because you just let them sit there, doing their thing, while you feed your girl. Dubia Roaches are also great feeder insects because they are filled with protein and are great for all ages, if they are captive and cleanly breed, they can even be eaten by us, not that I ever have, I just did a bit of curious research.