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Beardie looking for a forever home

Emilia Thuet

Hatchling Dragon
Hi I recently just foster a bearded dragon (and when I mean recently I mean a week ago) and I’m trying to find him a forever home where he can live out the rest of his days. His name is Prometheus he’s 8 years old, loves cuddles and being out of his tank with people. Little back story I found him on kijiji being sold by a guy who had so much wrong information about bearded dragons it was shocking. He lived in a small 20 gallon tank with barely anything to climb on and with a bulb that was too far away from him, he also wasn’t feed properly at all. Due to that he does have some minor mbd in his arms and his jaw is a little bit deformed. But that doesn’t stop him from munching on all his veggies. He is also extremely skinny missing most to all of his fat pads. Not to worry though a few extra butter worms and he’ll be plump in no time. Obviously he’s not ready to be adopted right away but please let me know if you are interested in taking this little guy, I’m located in Toronto, Ontario. Here are some before and after I got him pics, he has gained 6g and we are very proud of that