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Baby dragon


Bearded Dragon Egg
I question about baby dragon.. place where I got him says crickets are essential and vet says meal worms. Who's correct ?


Juvenile Dragon
I'm a new baby beardy mom, but from what I've heard and been told crickets are better than the worms. Worms should be given more sparingly than the crickets. Crickets and roaches should be well hydrated and gut loaded to ensure your beardy is getting what he/she needs from them. A few should be dusted with calcium each day for a baby. I have the calcium with D3 for mine. Hope I'm giving you correct information. As I said I'm a new beardy mom. More experienced peeps can probably offer better info.


Bearded Dragon Egg
I researched this a bit before. From what I understand there are no studies actually linking mealworms to impaction directly. Without some fault being husbandry along with mealworms

HOWEVER mealworms are considered to be lesser feeders. A few reasons being they're hard to gut load with nutrients due to their small digestive tract. Also as well they are hard to dust with nutrients or calcium. Mainly because they have a smooth shiny exoskeleton that prevents dustings from sticking well.

Overall there are other options that are considered better. Both Dubia Roachs and crickets being probably the most used.

I can tell you dubias are relatively easy to breed they dont seem as dirty as crickets they dont jump and dont make noise.

Good luck!

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