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Abstract enclosure- rabbits cage?


Bearded Dragon Egg
Found this advertised as a rabbits cage and as a first time beardie owner, seems like he’d like it with the different levels with ramps and hidey holes, but wanted to check in with more experienced owners to get better guidance. TIA.


Kylie C

Hatchling Dragon
I don’t think this would be a good beardie cage. My reasoning is that the openings in the cage will not hold heat in well, and a beardie might get stuck in if somehow. There are lots of props you can add into a glass breeder tank, or you can DIY your own tank out of reptile safe wood (oak, maple, any hardwood) and add ramps and a hide if you’d like!

Silver dragons

Bearded Dragon Veteran
Hello, I agree it doesn't look like it would make that good of a bearded dragon cage because of it not being able to hold heat and also it looks difficult to clean.

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