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  1. Jasongi

    Bashing head in sleep!?

    So I'm just downstairs and I hear a bangs sound I look at my bearded dragons tank to see her bashing her head off of the ground but the weird thing is she was still asleep! Is she dreaming or was it something worse? I rlly worried for her now.
  2. Jasongi

    My lazy baby

    After demanding to get out of her tank spike has finally taken a lazy day
  3. Jasongi

    eye bulging

    I just wanted to know if my bearded dragon is ok if her eye were building I'm really scared that she is not ok. Whe is just laying with her eyes closed and when I looked in her eyes were bulging they were closed and it must have been quick because I kept watching her I went and called her name...
  4. Jasongi

    Energy (glass surfing)

    My bearded dragon has been very active after she had her first wax worm I don't know if it's a coincidence or is it the fact that it's slightly warmer. either way she keeps glass surfing the second I put her back in after she has been out of her tank for about an hour and a half. I take it that...

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