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    need to know (twitches, stiff and grows too quickly)

    I didn't know there's a blood test! That would certainly make it easy to find out if ADV is any part of the problem, and I'll be asking Goji's vet how much the testing costs.
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    Bearded Dragon not eating anything, but seems okay

    I tried giving Gojira bee pollen as a treat. The good news is he LOVES it. The bad news is it seems to be what caused his "hacking" cough-like behavior because it got stuck on the inside of his mouth. What does work for him, though, is putting a few of the granules of pollen into a small...
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    Weird Spot on Leg

    That looks like an abscess of some kind. (Source: I have been a home health care provider since 1986, I've seen a LOT of infections.) Cannot recommend strongly enough: vet time!
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    need to know (twitches, stiff and grows too quickly)

    You mentioned a twitch--is it toes? My late great Stevie Ray had twitchy toes. If you stroked the top or played with the claw while he was relaxed, especially the 2 longest toes on his hind feet would twitch for a minute or so. Turns out this may have been related to a virus common in...
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    Super smart but dumb as a post!

    Update: Gojira is currently in ShedHead McGrumpFace mode, preparing to peel a strip across the top of his head that wraps around one ear, along his lip, & including the very tip of his chin. He's both sulkier and clingier than when he's not about to shed off. He's also grumpy lately bc...
  6. His Favorite Place To Ride

    His Favorite Place To Ride

    Majestically surveying the dry montane forests of the Idaho Panhandle. He will ride like this for hours; he's put about 8,000 miles in riding with us in the short time we've called him family.
  7. First Contact

    First Contact

    This was "Gary" in the first photo I found of him during my urgent search to find a good boy in need of a forever home. Adopting him involved emailing SO MANY photos of equipment & environment; he wasn't even in my time zone! Picking him up was a heck of a day, 14 hours round trip in a minivan!
  8. Bearded Dragon Yoga

    Bearded Dragon Yoga

    We call this pose Curved Crocodile in Clover. He does this in summer at the park, he'll squirm down to the dirt then lift just his eyes up above the tips of the grass. It is -hilarious- watching people walk by 5 feet from him and never see him, especially when I'm holding his leash!
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    Super smart but dumb as a post!

    HOLY [redacted, so unladylike] YOU MEAN I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHOSE BEARDIE IS HOUSEBROKEN??? I adopted him in April 2019. Early in June, we went on a road trip during which I was able to take him out on a lead in safe areas daily at about the same time. When we got home, he fell in love...
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    Beardie Eye Colors!

    Gojira's eyes are coffee-and-cream! This isn't the best angle, the coffee color is more spread out over the cream than it looks in this one. Although their scale colors were very similar, my previous beardie boy had VERY different eyes that I didn't get any good macro shots of while he was...
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    Self conscious dragon

    Sometimes Gojira wants to eat his salad unobserved. Other days he won't eat anything if I don't hand feed him; for an adult male with his history he is astonishingly gentle! He enjoys meeting new people, but when he reaches his attention-received limit in public he acts self-conscious & will...
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    Toe rot?

    Many years ago while I was living with people who would not let me have my trio of anole lizards, one of the lizards went through this exact process with ALL of his front toes. Turned out my well-meaning but undereducated family had bought a heat rock that ran too hot and the most...
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    So What WAS My Beardie Doing???

    On the vet's recommendation, I dissolved a few granules of bee pollen in bottled water & gave him under 1/2 cc by syringe (no needle, he will lap from the tip if he's thirsty). He slurped it down without issue, no huffing. Vet thinks the huffing is a mechanical irritation issue, something...
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    So What WAS My Beardie Doing???

    He's absolutely not getting one more granule until he's seen the vet! He's had zero trouble with it previously, but then again I took a med for a year before developing a severe allergy to it.
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    So What WAS My Beardie Doing???

    CULPRIT IDENTIFIED! It's the granulated bee pollen he loves so much. It was on Saturday's breakfast but not Sunday's and he didn't huff at all on Sunday. Gave him a tiny nibble for a treat today and less than 10 minutes later: HUFF. I've rinsed his mouth out with clean fresh water & given...
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    I'm gonna need help with posting photos, I can already tell!

    Since they're all on your phone, you should start a gallery album of Stevie Ray's pics!
  17. Namesakes


    Not long after realizing he'd found his forever home, Gojira decided he needed to wrestle his namesake into submission!
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    So What WAS My Beardie Doing???

    His vet's really sharp, keeps great records, and will love that the other witness to the behavior will be with me & Goji at the appointment. Three of her staff (that I know of) own beardies, so she sees them often. If anyone's ever known a beardie to do this in that office, she'll remember.
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    So What WAS My Beardie Doing???

    This wasn't the gape he does while thermo-regulating. With the huffing he wasn't keeping his tongue raised to maximize evaporation area; he only opened his mouth when the airflow was too much for just his nostrils. He huffed in his habitat, while sitting on my hand, while in a tub of warm...
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    So What WAS My Beardie Doing???

    Well, there hasn't been any more huffling/hiccuping/whatever that was yesterday. We've scheduled a wellness exam w his regular vet, will go directly for emergency care if he starts it again.

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