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  1. cosmoni

    Mealworm breeding alternatives

    A few months back I thought maybe I could breed mealworms for my beardie, and i bought everything I needed. And then I remembered mealworms aren't good for them. Now that I have everything, though, I still want to breed some bugs for her. I have the materials that were meant for a self sorting...
  2. cosmoni

    Upgrade enclosure?

    I've had my girl for 3 years, and she's been kept on repti-carpet the entire time. She's also had the same terrarium accessories other than one change about a year ago. Recently I thought I might upgrade her enclosure by switching to tile, and getting her some new hammock/plant type things...
  3. cosmoni

    Weird solid in beardie poop

    There is a weird splinter/tendril-like solid in my bearded dragon's poop. Nothing she's eaten recently seems likely to be the source, though I recently brought collard greens and bok choy into her diet. Her temps are fine, and she has plenty of heat and basking spots to digest. There's no smell...

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