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Recent content by PatsyB

  1. PatsyB

    So I have a intresting question about the toenail of my dragon (Frank)

    He should be fine. Mine were always losing toenails sometimes I never noticed until way after it happened. Just clean it with some diluted betadine, no need to cover it. It may or may not grow back. Mine always seemed to grow back. One time cutting my girl Dexter’s nails I saw the blood run out...
  2. PatsyB

    Trusting a breeder

    unfortunately I don’t.
  3. PatsyB

    what cricket company do YOU like to order from

    I’ve heard bad things about animals from Backwater, never heard anything about the insects. When I ordered crickets used to get them from josh’s frogs. Now we use mostly dubia and silkworms.
  4. PatsyB

    New addition

    Sounds like he didn’t have the best care before you. He’s probably exhausted having the lights on all the time. Give him a few weeks and he should be just fine!
  5. PatsyB

    New addition

    Some people have luck with tough love. Withhold supers and they will get hungry enough to eat something else. How long have you had him? Once he settles in with you more, he might be willing to try new things.
  6. PatsyB

    Welcome to BeardedDragonForum.com!

    Pick a topic and either at the very top right of the page or bottom right, there is a link that says post new thread.
  7. PatsyB

    Baby bearded dragon still not eating

    She looks very thin and dehydrated. I don’t really see good fat pads on her head or her tail base, and those nails! She’s going to need some care and a vet visit.
  8. PatsyB

    Baby bearded dragon still not eating

    2 weeks with the wrong bulb shouldn’t kill a dragon. I don’t see anything that you could have done wrong. I really just think it comes down to genetics. Babies can be so hard to raise because of genetics. Now make sure you sterilize everything real good. The steam cleaner is the best to kill...
  9. PatsyB

    Baby bearded dragon still not eating

    I’m so sorry for your loss. It really sounds like you did things right. Sometimes with babies though, they sometimes have failure to thrive. It’s nothing you did, it’s just something genetically wrong with them. Our other member Angela, just lost her baby Lady. She took her to the vet everything...
  10. PatsyB

    Advice plz new to beardies

    Keep up what you are doing and he should come around. Just because his father is doing better doesn't mean anything. Bearded dragons are all different just like people are. Just give him some more time. Is the UVB light inside the tank? Typically we use the 12% bulb for bearded dragons.
  11. PatsyB

    New Beardie! Figuring out feeding schedule!

    Funny story, I read this story on another forum about gut loading BSFL. I thought that was a great idea so I got a small cricket keeper and put a piece of bread in the bottom and topped it with some baby food. Within 5 minutes I had BSFL all over my table! I didn't think about the climbing part...
  12. PatsyB

    New Beardie! Figuring out feeding schedule!

    Sorry I'm late here, LoD just means Low D3.
  13. PatsyB

    UVB help with height? Is there TOO much UVB?

    I do the 12% HO on top of the mesh. The T5 fixtures have a reflector that pushes more of the UVB down into the tank. My tank is 18" high, the basking spot is probably 3 inches off the ground. My dragons are older so I don't let them climb too high in their tanks.
  14. PatsyB

    My other pets

    You have a spider!!!! I'm starting to like them ever since Anna got her jumping spiders, you'll see photos on FB I'm sure. I started with the tree frogs and then my boyfriend wanted a reptile of his own so we got leo's. The leo's were sick and I didn't really know much about them but I tried...
  15. PatsyB

    Baby bearded dragon still not eating

    How is he now? Any change? I would take him for a vet visit if you haven't done that already to rule out any parasites or anything.

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