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Stink Bugs

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum Chat' started by renich, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. renich

    renich Juvenile Dragon

    So, I'm wondering if anyone else in the US is having issues with these bugs. Yes, they are called stink bugs.
    We're having a time with them in Maryland. We visited friends in Virginia over the weekend and they were even worse there.

    As I understand it, they are from China. Originated in the US about 4 years ago in Pennsylvania. There is no predator to these ugly guys. And very little kills them as far as pesticides are concerned.

    They devoured my squash and cucumbers this summer. Grrr...
  2. TheWolfmanTom

    TheWolfmanTom Dragon Breeder

    Philadelphia, Pa
    Saw a ton when We did MARS in MD Renee. There are some in PA and NJ but nowhere near as many the further south you go.
  3. Fliehigh

    Fliehigh Juvenile Dragon

    Nova Scotia, Canada
    They almost look like a Potatoe bug that we have here in Canada.

    With the potatoe bug, the best way to kill them is to place a small dish of beer (Yes I said beer) in the garden in a few different locations. They are attracted to it and crawl in and drown.

    Now I know that our beer is a little stronger here but US beer should work as well. ;D

    I would give it a try with these guys.

    You never know

  4. ladyknite

    ladyknite Bearded Dragon Egg

    we've had some here. Doesn't sound like anything compared to you however.

    Make an insecticidal soap-spray using one percent isopropyl alcohol mixed with two to three tablespoons of mild soap per gallon of water. Wait 20 minutes after the application and rinse the plants with a garden hose to remove any potential leaf-burning residue. Re-apply as needed until the stink bugs have given up and moved elsewhere.

    surround your vegetables and fruits with plants that repel stink bugs. These include flowers such as marigold, chrysanthemum and tansy, with their yellow blossoms. Stink bugs also dislike such herbs as catnip, garlic, lavender, thyme and mint due to their strong scents. The sharp flavor and scent of radishes will also deter stink bugs from making a home in your garden.
  5. renich

    renich Juvenile Dragon

    I'll have to try the beer method! We wanted to paint some boards outside, but know they will be all over it and stuck to the paint.

    Thanks, Gina. I found out about the marigolds after the fact. Will definitely do that next year. The suckers laid a million eggs on the squash leaves. I love radish too. Will try that next year. And mint is easy to grow.
  6. Justus85

    Justus85 Hatchling Dragon

    * Cringes at the thought of wasting perfectly good beer. I'd have to find an alternative haha.
  7. Pogie

    Pogie Bearded Dragon Egg

    Well we have all sorts of bugs including stink bugs. And lately theyve eaten almost all my greens Ive been trying to grow for pogie.
    So Im gonna try the mint, can also use it as a treat every now and then

    The tiny black beetle one is a pest and is everywhere. And it tastes exactly as it smells (or thats what my OH says, one accidently landed on his fork when we were eating and got chomped - needless to say, that was the end of supper)

  8. beardielover17

    beardielover17 Juvenile Dragon

    We have stink bugs all over the area of PA I used to live and we have some that like to hang out in our halls of our apartment in NJ. These things scare the crap outta me.
  9. SoleSky

    SoleSky Hatchling Dragon

    Wow I know this was posted awhile ago but as the summer starts to fade to winter they swarm my house. I live in Pennsylvania like some of you on here and they are just destructive. The ruined my moms garden as well and also get into the bathrooms by the dozens its so gross. I have no idea where exactly there getting in but its a problem here as well.
  10. Vesta

    Vesta Bearded Dragon Egg

    They're bad here too!! A few years back I pulled my sheers apart and there were about 50 hiding in there!! My grossest story ever is...I set my glass down on the end table walked out of the room,came back a bit later, picked up my glass and took a drink. Only then did I realize one had fallen in my drink and I had it in my mouth. I know firsthand now that they taste just like they smell!! :p I could not get that taste out of my mouth!!!
  11. renich

    renich Juvenile Dragon

    They have not gone away. We don't see as many, but we have a goul outside for Halloween. Went to bring it in and they are all under his black cloak.

    Then I just emptied the hand vac, I know I sucked one up a good 2 weeks ago, it is still alive. These things are invincible.
  12. SxDx1986

    SxDx1986 Hatchling Dragon

    lol theyve been around for way more than 4 years here....since i was old enough to walk ive always seen them outside on the tomato and cucumber plants in our small garden...they dont really bite and i notice not all of them stink...it might depend on what they eat but some smell like sour apple seriously or berries.i feel bad and make an effort to let any i find inside the house go but the only reason theyre annoying is bc theyre all over and apparently they destroy crops but ive noticed there are particular striped black and yellow beetles w red heads thatre far worse that literally gnaw on plants*i live in nj

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